Credit & Special Orders

Credit: Our payment terms 2%, 10 days, net 30 days (2/10 net 30) are available to customers of established credit. Please contact us for a credit application and email or mail your completed application to our credit department.

Please note that:

  • our credit department will periodically review the repayment history of existing customers to determine whether their existing credit terms can be maintained, or need to be revised. This review shall also be conducted whenever business conditions warrant a general retraction of expansion of credit level. 
  • No goods will be shipped to overdue accounts that are 45 days past due.

Special Orders: We require a 50% deposit for all Special Orders of customized, built, cut and/or bent items. Any cancellations of special orders will be charged a 25% handling charge of the invoice cost of the products ordered plus freight if applicable. Please note initial deposit will not be returned in the case of a cancellation. Please note that any item that is cut, bent and/or built will not be eligible to a cancellation. 

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